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The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs suggestion. - Poheoron1 - 10-22-2016

basically the whole premise is Free roam npcs with their own canon story to Free roam. Players can interact with them in several ways. they can get gas supplies and start with the Weapons listed in their respective story. However they need to gather ammo to reload their guns. The npcs can die if their outnumbered depending on the training and x amount of zombies. Alas players can follow them to specific areas. These npcs will lead them to specific  areas if they wish to follow them. Generally you can see the idea is for the Free roam npcs to roam and help players. Dan Bernadine occupies the police station so be warned. there are certain days where Dan and his men leave the Police station, make sure to enter around those days. If a player enters during the days Dan or his soldiers are inside, they run a chance of winding up dead. Dan also injects himself with the Tvirus daily as he is the new boss for Fr.  Concept by poheoron1 leader of the 3's and 7's. is there anyone that can stop this mad man? To Find out if he can be stopped, I'll add in another chapter if u want to add in dialogue feel free to help if u can or msg me the details. you know what to do rock and be a renegade. Reply back to what abilities u want Dan to have as a boss character for Free roam. Certain characters will have quests you can do to unlock special abilities like knife perk going up to 4, a plus 1 for certain perks and etc. via quests. also the havens can be brought back with this idea.

Chapter 1: Warm Reception.

He grew up as a kid born from a loving lower class family. He was bullied in school,  he discovered contingency plans to outsmart his bullies after being fed up with them. He always hanged out with his Brother Donny who always had his back no matter what happened. It was at this moment Sean Knew he could always count on his brother. As a kid Sean would get suspended for igniting things on fire. His parents would often punish him for it every time. Sean would usually sneak out from his room to hang with his friends. He would leave a recorder to say he's in his room safe and sound with a makeshift dummy.
“Its all apart from learning the concept of how fire thrives and engulfs everything said Sean.”
one night when they were sleeping, a noise broke out and five zombies walked into the house Devouring their parents. Sean and Donny woke up and said we got to figure out what's going on. they tip toed without making so much as a sound as the zombies were standing. The boys went into the Kitchen to arm themselves with weapons. “Just like Pops would tell us if you encounter intruders grab a weapon said Donny in a whisper.” Sean replied in a whisper and said aye your right”.
Donny got himself a Baseball bat and a knife. Sean got himself a Hammer and a Fireplace poker to use as weapons.

Donny Stabbed a zombie in the head by sneaking up on him. He then grabs his bat and smashes the other zombie in the skull. Sean was scared to kill the zombies. His brother told him don't be afraid and killed the zombies so they could find a place to hideout. Donny was brave always poised and ready for whatever the situation was always having his friends and families backs. They Fought all the way to a gun shop. Sean carried his trusty PSG1 he got from the gun shop having to fight off a few zombies just to get to the display area. Donny Carried along with him an AWM a samurai edge and a machete having to kill the zombie store owner that had the keys to the advanced weapons in the back.
Later that night about 10-15 zombies entered the house on the bottom left Donny said he'll hold them off and for Sean to Run he'll catch up with him.

Chapter 2: Twilight Chaser

Several weeks past and Sean hasn't heard from Donny so he's worried and just decides to wander tactfully to find supplies and a place to hold out in the Midst of the apocalypse. Sean had a goal to find his brother Donny and make sure he is  safe. The Brothers traveled and made their way to the city hall keeping quieting and fighting a few zombies along the way.
Donny and Sean entered the city hall in search of trying to find another survivor. They searched around and heard a woman screaming for dear life as zombies chased her. She Ran toward the front corridor of the building and stumbled across two Men. Terrified and worried she was scared and out of options, the brothers helped her to fight off the zombies so she can get the security guard's gun. “Thank you so much for your help my name is Beatrice. “A woman like yourself shouldn't be out here by yourself its dangerous said Sean.” They realized they couldn't stay in the establishment much longer as the zombies were surrounding the back of the building. The Zombies began to ravage the backdoor in the hall busting down a few doors. “  Guys we got to move they're zombies out the wazoo on our ass exclaimed Donny.” They all ran outside of the front door and kept on going till they got away from the horde. “Where do we go from here on out? “We go and chase the Twilight and live to fight another day in this madness exclaimed Sean.”

Chapter 3: Full Service

Lillian Margarita worked in a gas station having herself a few co-workers that worked for her. She then seen a few zombies come out and devour her co-workers.  lily has a pump shotgun and a Marlin behind her desk she began to hold her own against the zombies, Lily then looks for a car as she straps up her pump shotgun on her shoulder sling along with her marlin in the other sling.  Lillian tries to find survivors and a way to make some money during this madness.
“If I can find a car and hot wire it I can get places without walking on foot.” A horde of zombies
Crowd the area wandering around aimlessly for human flesh to devour. “I'm getting tired of walking to find a car but I need to find at least a means of transportation. One zombie then appears behind her and pins her down as she struggles to get it off her. “ You're not going to bite me you bastard, she said as she hit it with a 2x4 that was lying around in the street bashing its head in during the confrontation. Now that her inevitable struggle was over she had more zombies coming her way so she had to high tail it out of there. “Well  the car has too many zombies surrounding the vehicles.” Lily travels to a nearby Store to find water and some sustenance. “ This is really too quiet something about this doesn't seem right.” she goes into the market and finds food and water and then overhears grunts and strange noises. A Horde of zombies emerged from the back entrance to the store all of them Ravenous with an undying Hunger. Lily then runs with the supplies she managed to secure in her backpack outside of the store. “Now that is what I call a Full service  haha quoted Lily.”

Chapter 4:Law and Order

This is the part of the story where every man dies but truly lives. Where there is truth there is deceit lies and sin.  hey cut the bullshit narrator your full of  itand I called your bluff.
Did you really call my bluff or are you the type of ass wipe that gets off being a piece of Fudge.
You talk to me Are you talking to me now that's not right with more feeling.
Constant stir of voices but all I see is death friends family distant memories my requiem for a dream. God Bless the law but I am already winning the order of things. How can there be Law without the concept of death within the grasp of my free will. Alas, this is the madness spewing from the insight of Dan Bernadine's mindset. I had it all and it was taken from me wife kids a good life I need inspiration a reason to keep going on said Dan. Why don't u inject yourself with the K virus Vials Do it because you know  how truly you're a loser and a pathetic beta male. “I been always the alpha omega starting from 0 then became a hero for all the boys and girls to grow up and want to be”. Welcome to the world ahead of u lied to brainwashed told to kill Taught to murder rape the villages of women and kill their husbands in front of children and adolescents. You know something these vials of K virus is looking very promising right now cause I'm at the bottom hopefully these take me to the top. Dan then injects himself with the  K virus as he battles his demons and finally succumbs to the true monster inside of his soul.
It feels like I'm dying inside but why am I feeling a rush of adrenaline endorphins this power it makes me Lust for more of it. “I want to usher in an era in which I'm on the top I rule, and they die for mocking me at every step of my Life”. “Anna baby I'm sorry but I'm doing this to avenge and put and our family's name into infamy”. These Voices they tell me to do but I control my path. All of these fleeting memories while I'm sitting here in this empty police station thinking of law and order.

Chapter 5: whiskey Gypsy

There once was a peaceful Town with so such a lovely exquisite Horizon that just captivates the eyes. Few weeks have passed and it became to become Ruined, Battered, and littered with corpses during Dan's Army March regiment to take over the Town of Pennywise Hill. Only one man was left standing Motionless in awe at what happened. He began to venture to the gun shop he stumbled across with a few straggler zombies roaming inside of it. This Brave Man began his valiant Fight against these stragglers grabbing sharp blunt objects bashing and stabbing them. One Zombie pinned him down from behind as they began to struggle the Man was victorious. “You Don't Ever Mess with The Moonshine Man, I'll have you So far knocked out you would've thought this was Whiskey heaven, Said Craig Moonshine Jones.” Craig pillages a nearby corpse to take its backpack and begins to store a Pump shotgun, a 460 xv r and a m14 he Found in the weapons' storage room. He sets out to get revenge on the people who Destroyed the town he once called home. “You bastards Destroyed the Bar I spent most of my good memories in and I will make you pay!”

Chapter Six: Code of Brothers

Dean Fonzarelli before the apocalypse broke out was working at a vintage car shop with his comrade and Bro James La Guardia. “Yo James that's a nice model your Clipping up on”. “Yeah dean I got the skills what can I say bro”. So the two mechanics continue their work while listening to on the radio the beach boys. “Woo look me shred up the car with tools to give it life baby yeah”. “Aye Dean check it out there's this guy walking around like he's drunk or something”. “ Get outta here and forget about it c apish, Go home and be a family man or something said James.” Dean was wearing his vintage red jacket white shirt blue jeans with slick greased hair along with James wearing a white shirt slicked greased hair with blue jeans, they were styling and profiling while working at the shop. “OK bro you should take it easy, n sleep it off. The Strange man growls and lunges at James.” James then uses a nearby crowbar and hits the strange man in the head.”that guy was postal Dean I think he tried to bite me or something.” Ten more zombies approach their car shop looking rather ravenous and hungry.
“Alright lets dance if you wanna rumble then lets do this shit-Dean” he then takes off his red jacket and brings out a butterfly knife While James brings out his stiletto switchblade.
An epic battle emerges between two men against a horde of 10 zombies. Dean slits a zombies neck and then scalps and stabs him in his head. James stabs a zombie in the head n throws a zombie into a wall hook that hoists cars.” A zombie pins down Dean but James comes in and stabs it in the back of its head and gets it off of dean. “Careful mate we got to work  together to finish these guys off-James.” they continued the fight until all the zombies were killed with a few bruises. Another zombie lunges and pins down James then deans saves him, keep your ears aware mate you could've gotten killed there, Yeah yea just keep barking orders why don't cha.” that was a pretty gnarly Brawl we had James.”we should probably get outta here and find out if anyone else is still alive or around quoted James.” the two then enter their 1965 Chevrolet bel-air coupe hardtop in search of survivors, Food, water and a way to outlast them.” lets Rock and Roll we got some hard times ahead of us but were just Greasing through like lighting  hell Yeah Blast that radio, Stray Cats-something else plays.

Chapter Seven: The Gentleman

There once lived a man who embraced each moment like it was his last. The called him a Gentleman, and he preferred to be dubbed a mad genius. Leon Dunham was a Man who was a womanizer but kept it so hidden and secret from society. One day he would be with a beautiful woman the entire community would envy, the next he's by himself walking alone.
“Your the most beautiful I ever dared lay eyes upon my Cherie exclaimed Leon. Don't scream your gonna ruin your precious Skin. “A woman screams but her mouth is gagged so it's a poor attempt for salvation. Leon then skins her alive slowly as she begs him to stop in a muffled voice, he continues to torture her. He then cooks and eats the rich woman alive. This man had a thing for eating and torturing rich woman for a sick depraved pleasure. Some of the societies rich hierarchy woman were gone missing. When he tortures some of his victims he says I'm just being a Gentleman for you this hour Beautiful. Alas, one of the woman he ate and tortured had ties to umbrella so he managed to snag a box hidden in her Closet. The box contained a small dosage of J virus she would use it as a Botox injection without knowing the real underline side effects. Leon then contemplates injecting himself with the virus.

Chapter 8: Black Masquerade

A group of survivors that were bombarded by the ruckus of an outbreak laid low enough to avoid the initial zombies that were rampaging by hiding out and keeping quiet. They get out of their hiding spots to check and see if the coast was clear. It was empty silent and desolate as the mall was littered with decaying corpses blood splattered walls, broken glass, desolation and ruin. Hey Guys we got to find weapons, food, water to get our bearings and live said Joey smith.” The group then finds 2x4s a fridge with some drinks and food in the mall. They remain alert and diligent as they eat and guard each other with their Lives. “We can't go to sleep and have our guards down exclaimed Sarah Donahue! “Sweetheart don't worry I checked this shindig out and its clearer than the other side of the glass-Bryan helmet. It is not wise to keep ourselves too comfortable because we risk being Dead on arrival said Elizabeth Wolves.
“How can you guys eat at a time like this and be merry for a mere moment-Chad Paterson.
“Au Contraire Comrades I sense were still in grave danger-Allison Rome. To see such a mall literally Down with a sickness is saddening to me poignantly quoted Christopher Mason. Sorry to ruin the festivities, and merryment but we got a few hostiles here can I get a man on deck screamed Emily love. Guys follow my lead I used to work in a mall as a security guard I know my way around this place-Kurt limey. Quickly guys lets head to the security room there might be guns there-Brandon Bones Jackson. The group runs and fights their way to the security room fending off zombies that just bombarded into the mall complex. A silent but deadly piercing scream can be overheard in the basement. “Hey what are we going to do here we  Shouldn't just stay in this room cooped up said Sarah. Oi calm down loves I got an idea follow my lead alright splendidly doubly diddly said Johnny.” Johnny leads the group to the basement to check and see if there is a power source or at least if its clear like Bryan said the mall was supposed to be.
Webs can be seen in the basement of the Mall, what could've made all of these webs.
If you look up you can see the remains of, what you assume to be cocoon's, slowly, dripping blood as it swings, devoid of life. The survivors entered the dark dormant basement area to check for a power source. As the group traverses they see spider webs and human remains inside the webs. An air of horror can be smelled as some fresh blood can be whiffed a couple leagues ahead of the group.

RE: The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs - Poheoron1 - 10-22-2016

this was suppose to be in suggestions and ideas but It got into general discussion how can I move it to Suggestion and ideas and if u like this just leave me a reply back to my thread

RE: The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs - Synister Gates - 10-22-2016

I don't see a single suggestion or idea in this thing.

RE: The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs - Doc Mortem - 10-22-2016

Horrible grammar, several misuses of words, such as the wrong there/their/they're. Run-on sentences, no paragraph separation. God Poh, make your excuse for a "backstory" tolerably presented if you want anyone to take it seriously. You don't even mention this is supposed to be a suggestion anywhere in the fucking thread, Christ. Revise this thoroughly, it's an unbearable cacophony of the English language here. Don't be surprised if it gets tl;dr'd by everyone.

RE: The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs - Icyrage - 10-22-2016

You know you can't be taken seriously when you have worse grammar and writing skills than Kuba.

RE: The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs suggestion. - Poheoron1 - 10-24-2016

Well it has been revised. the sentence structure has been cured of certain errors. the idea premise is at the top of the thread. Feel free to check out the revisions and spellcheck.

RE: The Story of Sean O'riley Fr npcs - Kubapajonczek - 10-26-2016

(10-22-2016, 09:12 PM)Synister Gates Wrote: I don't see a single suggestion or idea in this thing.

I believe that Poh wanted to suggest NPC characters for Free Roam with their own backstories and perhaps dialogue options, something along these lines.